Together We Care Ltd will support you to live your best life the way you want.

We deliver superior quality-based service which aims to increase the quality of every valued client. The skilled team possesses a diverse set of skills crucial for comprehensive care, including strong leadership, safeguarding awareness, social work experience, and a person-centred approach. The organisation is well-equipped to create a nurturing and supportive environment. We support individuals with a range of learning disabilities including mild, moderate, and profound & multiple disabilities. This can also include people with a physical disability, autism, neurodiversity, learning disability & sensory impairment.

We are PROUD of making a difference through our five VALUES.

  1. Person Centred Approach: Prioritising individual needs and tailoring services to promote independence, recognising the unique circumstances of each client.
  2. High-Quality Care: Providing clients with a high standard of care in the comfort of their homes, focusing on enhancing well-being and addressing specific needs.
  3. Partnership and Striving for Excellence: Striving to be the best through collaboration with clients and their families, with a commitment to delivering promises.
  4. Integrity and Respect: Acting with integrity, ensuring the delivery of promises, and fostering a culture of respect, equality, and diversity.
  5. Personalised Care: Promoting independence by customising care
    and support plans based on clients’ wishes, feelings, and desires.

Why choose us?

I am registered blind. The staff have helped me achieve my goals which has changed my life.

Steven Goodson

I now enjoy my life. I have the best carer who understands me.

David Wright

Continuous Improvement: Together We Care is Committed to learning and adapting to changing needs. We will regularly review your support plan to ensure you are happy and are receiving the right support.

Our Support: We can support you in your own home and help you access activities in your local community. Together we will create a person-centred care plan which will help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Helping you manage your daily life ensuring you are comfortable, healthy and happy.

Supporting you to develop meaningful relationship with others.

Supporting you to access activities that keep you fit and healthy.

Exploring Art, Music, people, and

Supporting you to access training and courses to learn new skills.

Supporting you to seek employment.

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